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PET Imaging Center
Southern Isotopes
Biomedical Research Foundation


In order to remain competitive in the rapidly changing world, the Biomedical Research Foundation (BRF) partners with area organizations to implement education programs that increase the scientific, technological and creative workforce in our region. This includes cultivating individuals with a wide variety of attributes and talents who have ideas and passions to find innovative solutions that provide economic benefit to northwest Louisiana and the nation.

Since 1994, the education of our future workforce has been a major component of BRF's mission to pioneer a knowledge-based economy that recognizes that a trained and knowledgeable workforce is essential to improving the quality of life in our community. Since then, the Foundation has raised nearly $1 million from the community and has been instrumental in obtaining over $2 million in government funding to help support its education programs that challenge students to learn more, participate more, and experience more than basic curriculum requires.


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