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Extended Research Experiences

Extended Research Experiences for SMART and BioStart High School Seniors
Enriching the Scientific Research Experience 

In recognition that sometimes laboratory research projects need more time than provided within the school term or year, the Extended Research Experiences for SMART and BioStart Seniors was launched in 2012. This project allows graduating seniors from both programs to continue working on their research with a faculty mentor in an LSUHS laboratory throughout the summer following graduation from high school. The students from the SMART and BioStart programs are highly motivated and interested in medical, research and health-related careers. The students who participate in the extension find their research experience more rewarding and satisfying because they have the opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge about their research area, and to see the project through to a publishable stage.

This program is open only to student participants in the SMART and BioStart Laboratory Internship programs. Please contact The Development Department, Biomedical Research Foundation, dbanks@biomed.org, TEL: 318.675.4109 for more information.